Cold Storage Builders Keep Your Business on Track

Due to increasing demand for fresh, organic food and the need to store and ship products including meat, produce, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, and film across California and nationwide, quality cold storage is key to keeping the supply chain running smoothly. As the lynchpin of so many distribution networks, here’s how cold storage builders like Hansen Cold Storage Construction are keeping your business on track and running smoothly.

Quality Design and Construction

The effectiveness of any cooling system begins with design and infrastructure. Experienced cold storage builders like Hansen can work with your business to provide non-proprietary designs that account for optimal placement of essential components like piping and ducting. This will not only ensure the smooth and efficient running of Refrigeration systems, it will also allow for future renovation or expansion of cold storage facilities without requiring a messy and expensive redesign.

Temperature Control and Energy-Efficient Refrigeration

Maintaining a stable, consistent temperature depends on the integration of multiple systems within a cold storage facility, including insulation, cold docks, and doors. Hansen Cold uses and sells high-quality insulation materials including insulated metal panels, insulated concrete, floor insulation, and spray foam insulation. These products all have high R-value, meaning they provide excellent thermal resistance and will perform well in extreme temperatures found in climates like California, Nevada, and Arizona. Cold storage docks help keep warm air out of the warehouse during loading and unloading, while customized cold storage doors feature thicker materials, tighter seals, and insulating edges to ensure almost no temperature leakage.

Fast-Track Scheduling to Keep Businesses Running

The team at Hansen Cold Storage Construction knows how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, even during construction. These premier cold storage builders are experts when it comes to fast-track scheduling that can provide repairs and majors overhauls without derailing your operations, and get new construction finished when you need it to be. With over 30 years’ experience as cold storage builders in California, the Hansen team knows how crucial it is to hit logistics deadlines and can provide you with temporary solutions to keep your business functioning as well as a finished product that will enable long-term operational success.

How it Looks in Action

Hansen Cold Storage Construction has been building cold storage in California, across the United States, and even internationally, since 1989. In that time, Hansen’s team of cold storage specialists have provided businesses with materials, repairs, major renovations, and innovative purpose-built construction. They’ve also amassed an impressive portfolio of projects, from Pro-Tek’s film vault for Paramount Pictures, to an 85-foot-high warehouse shaped like a giant box of Clementine mandarins for California’s own Wonderful Company. Not to mention the extensive work they’ve completed for Lineage Logistics, one of the world’s largest refrigerated warehousing companies.

Hansen specializes in cold storage construction, food processing, distribution centers, cannabis rooms, pharmaceutical storage, freezers and coolers, environmental rooms, architectural panels, floor insulation, cold storage doors, material supplies, major and minor repairs, and general construction. To see what these cold storage builders can do to keep your business on track, call them on 323.846.5676 or submit an online contact form.