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Things to Keep in Mind in Cold Storage Construction

When constructing a cold storage facility for suppliers, processors, or distributors, you have lots of options. However, cold storage warehouses must keep in mind some important considerations. One of the best ways to go about it is seeking out advice from others in the industry. Check reviews on various cold storage construction in California to help you get the best one. Keep reading to learn about other critical things to consider.

1. Temperature Stability and Energy Efficiency

A good thermal and refrigeration system is the backbone of any cold storage design. The systems include powerful cooling units that help to keep the temperatures ideal. If the temperature is unstable, your cold storage may fail. Choose a good contractor who can help you maintain energy efficiency and temperature stability. They must have experience in ducting and piping.

2. Think About Your Future Needs

While it is important to think about your immediate needs, you must also consider what your facility might need in the next five or ten years. If you have a fast-growing company your present needs may be very different from future needs. Think about your long-term plans and include them in your construction plans. Think about what will happen if you start offering new products. Some of the most important things to consider include accessibility, waste removal, and storage. Work with a contractor whose plan can include room for expansion. Some of the most important questions to consider are

  • How much product do you plan on storing?
  • What are the main requirements of your growth plan?
  • How much product do you intend to ship, process, or package?
  • Can you afford a new facility in the future?
  • What is the ideal refrigeration system for the facility?
  • Is the facility close to lines of transportation?


Understanding everyone’s needs makes it possible to come up with a budget. Research on different processes and settle for one that addresses your concerns without costing too much. Be clear about everything you want, including the curbing, floor coatings, and temperatures. If you are unable to determine the right design for your needs, consider seeking professional help.

Choosing the right cold storage provider is a step towards success. Some of the most important factors that come to play are:

Emphasis on Efficiency

When dealing with perishable products, efficiency is everything. Find a provider that can help you create a warehouse that is optimized to the flow of goods. The warehouse layout should be customized to address your needs.

Ability to Track and Trace

The right provider must be able to track and trace products such as allergens to prevent cross-contamination. They should use modern technologies to identify the location of different products all through the supply chain.

If you are curious about the right cold storage construction company in California, contact Hansen Cold Storage Construction Company today. We have been featured in various publications, including Jacksonville Business Journal, Forbes, The Sun, Bisnow, and The Seattle Times. We have over 30 years’ experience and expertise that we always strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.