How Hansen Became California’s Premier Cold Storage Construction Company

Perhaps now more than ever, the need for quality cold storage is paramount. With online shopping, prepared meal services, and the sale and consumption of organic food on the rise, cold storage is becoming more and more essential.

In recent years, demand for fresh, organic produce has been increasing, with organic food sales growing to five times as much from 2000 to 2018. And while currently only 3% of all grocery sales take place online, that figure is predicted to rise to 13% — representing 70% of customers and $100 billion in sales — by 2024 at the latest.

Accordingly, experts predict a demand for an additional 100 million square feet of cold storage facilities over the next five years nationwide. No wonder, then, that the largest private real estate deal in history concerned a network of U.S. industrial warehouses. And California — the biggest user of cold storage, currently with 16.5 million square feet — is more in need of cold storage construction than ever.

With the occupancy rate for cold storage warehouses exceeding 85% — which is considered by the industry to be full capacity — cold storage construction companies like Hansen Cold Storage Construction are ready to fill this ever-increasing need.

Hansen Cold Storage Construction is well-known in its field as the premier cold storage construction company in California. Publications like the L.A. Times, the Seattle Times and Bisnow have prominently featured projects from Hansen when writing about the growing demand for cold storage.

Hansen’s expertise has been recognized in dozens of business journals and newspapers. It’s not difficult to see why — with over 30 years in the field of cold storage, the family-owned and operated business prides itself on its repeat customers, fast-tracked scheduling and competitive pricing, as evidenced by its nationwide recognition and repeat customers.

What makes Hansen Cold Storage Construction stand out? Its versatility, for one. Past projects have included everything from cold storage warehouses, processing centers, and distribution facilities to wineries, breweries, and even film vaults. Forbes, ABC News, San Fernando Valley Business Journal and PR Newswire all featured Hansen’s work on a state-of-the-art cold storage facility in California for Paramount Pictures — the first commercial vault of its kind.

Of course, the business is no stranger to influential construction. Just ask any of the dozen publications that highlighted Hansen’s work on the eye-catching Halo Warehouse, visible from Highway 99. Or Lineage Logistics, the world’s largest refrigerated warehousing company, for which Hansen built an 80,000 square foot cold storage facility.

With such an impressive portfolio, it’s no wonder that Hansen Cold Storage Construction is considered California’s premier cold storage construction company. And not just California — Hansen has worked with partners across the United States as well as completing projects in Panama, Samoa and Fiji.

Hansen Cold Storage Construction offers its expertise in modular storage design and construction to the food service and cannabis industries, providing everything from minor repairs to major overhauls and new construction. Hansen specializes in cold storage construction, food processing rooms, coolers, freezers, grow rooms, distribution centers, pharmaceutical storage, meat processing, insulated metal panels, and general construction.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Hansen Cold Storage Construction can offer you or your business, call them on 323.846.5676 or submit a contact form online.