Professional Cold Storage Construction

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we are your premier leader in cold storage construction services for many different industrial applications, including freezers, food processing, distribution, and general construction. As a family-owned cold storage construction business since 1989 serving the Los Angeles, California area and beyond, our team is committed to providing you with everything from minor repairs, to major overhauls, to brand-new construction.


Since 1989 Hansen Cold Storage Construction has focused on and perfected building many types of cold storage projects for a multiple of users.

“Now serving the Cannabis industry”

Comprehensive Cold Storage Construction Services

As a leader among cold storage builders we are able to help you with the formulation of your project to fulfill your specific specifications and requirements from start to finish. When it comes to the design of your cold storage construction application, we employ a flexible approach that accommodates the needs of our customers. We offer numerous design and product options for you to choose from, including polystyrene and urethane core panels, multiple thicknesses, and various finishes.



“OUR MISSION” is to partner with our customers building a first class project and a long term relationship. Our team effort, competitive pricing, fast track scheduling and quality construction is our goal for customer satisfaction.

Hansen Cold Storage Construction is centrally located in Vernon, California; providing construction services and material sales to end users. With more than 30 years of experience providing remodels and general construction, you can count on our team of field personnel and office staff to apply their knowledge and resources to help you achieve your cold storage goals. As a trusted source among cold storage manufacturers and end users, our installation services are detail oriented and customized to your specific requirements. The quality of our work garners us repeat business on a continual basis from a strong customer base. Our cold storage services range from food processing projects, coolers, freezers, cannabis rooms, and general construction. Capabilities vary in size from door repair to 100k+ square foot facilities.

30 years

If you are looking for an experienced provider among cold storage construction companies, look no further than Hansen Cold Storage Construction.

For more information about the cold storage construction services we offer in the Los Angeles, California and the surrounding region, call us today at 323.846.5676 or complete our contact form.



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