Cold Storage Doors

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we are your premier leader in cold storage construction services for various requirements, including distribution centers, food processing rooms, insulated metal panels, meat processing, freezers, pharmaceutical storage, and other general construction applications. The products we offer related to our cold storage construction services include cold storage doors. We serve the Los Angeles, California area and beyond.



Standard business doors or insulated garage doors do not effectively insulate cold storage or freezer rooms from other parts of a facility. However, cold storage doors are manufactured with some of the most effective temperature barriers available. These include special insulating edges and materials that help ensure virtually zero temperature leakage to an external working space. The thickness of these doors is designed to minimize heat transfer through their surface.


High speed cold storage doors can divide the temperature in a freezer or refrigerator room by trapping cold air inside of these rooms and preventing the leakage of warm air into outside areas. This keeps the temperature in both zones at appropriate levels – comfortable temperatures outside for working conditions and cold temperatures inside the cold storage room for product safety.

As a leader among cold storage doors suppliers, we offer cold storage doors that help minimize your electric energy costs due to more efficient cooling and heating system operations.

We can help you find the ideal cold storage doors for your applications.

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