Grow Room Construction Contractors In California

With new changes in the legalization of cannabis throughout California, as well as other states, there is an increasing need for professional services for marijuana/cannabis grow room design and construction. The years of design and construction services provided by our team at Hansen Cold Storage Construction in Los Angles allow us to design and construct grow rooms that maximize production potential while maintaining all compliance requirements for grow facilities and operations.

We work closely with our customers, listening to your needs for the process of designing and building a grow room. From smaller facilities with limited grow space to the larger grow facilities, we are the grow room construction contractors of choice. Our expertise in working with a variety of construction projects over 30 years allows us to understand the needs of our customers and to design and build projects that exceed our customer’s expectations.


Materials and Workmanship

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we offer both materials as well as experienced teams to design and build a room to grow cannabis in and around the Los Angeles area. We also provide services throughout the state of California and are recognized grow room construction contractors throughout the United States.

Our experience allows us to choose the best materials and design features to add to any grow room facility. We can develop and recommend building options and materials that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and offer a green solution for all of your cannabis grow operations requirements.

To find more about our marijuana/cannabis grow room design and construction services, contact us today at 323-846-5676.