Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Trusted Cold Storage Construction Company

They Understand Your Business

Whether you’re in need of purpose-built cold storage construction, major overhauls to an existing facility, or just a few minor repairs, you want to hire the best people who understand your needs. Hansen Cold Storage has been in the cold storage construction industry for over 30 years, and over that time its staff have become pre-eminent experts in their field. Hansen is a California-based, family-owned and operated cold storage construction company that prides itself on providing first-class craftsmanship with a genuinely personal touch. The entire team of field personnel and office staff is on hand to help businesses with every stage of the construction process, from designing facilities to choosing products and materials and assisting with overall maintenance and repairs. Hansen’s goal is to build long-term relationships with customers, and it stands by its reputation as a trusted source for cold storage construction, as evidenced by its strong repeat customer base. Hansen Cold Storage is the go-to construction company for those looking for people who will pay attention to detail, listen to their customers’ specific requirements, and deliver a personalized, high-quality project from start to finish.

They Move With the Times

Cold storage construction is a booming field. Currently, the $20 billion industry is at full capacity nationwide, with experts predicting a need for 100 million square feet of cold storage facilities over the next five years — particularly in California, which is the biggest user of cold storage in the United States. The best cold storage construction companies will notice patterns and trends in the industry and keep up with new developments, ensuring they’re always at the forefront of advancements in the field. Over the past 30 years that Hansen Cold Storage Construction has been in business, it has kept up to date with the evolution of the cold storage industry. Hansen has been at the forefront of providing modern, energy-efficient designs, including modular design and construction, using the best materials available. As the need for cold storage facilities has spread beyond the traditional food processing, storage, and distribution, Hansen has expanded its client base in commercial enterprises including film, technology, and the growing cannabis industry. Most of all, Hansen’s long experience gives it the foresight to anticipate and accommodate innovations in cold storage design and construction.

They’re the Best at What They Do

Hansen Cold Storage has long been an industry leader in cold storage construction. As one of the premier cold storage construction companies in California and nationwide, Hansen has earned its reputation through its commitment to customer service, quality construction, fast-track scheduling, and competitive pricing. Hansen Cold Storage takes an individual, customer-oriented approach to even the largest-scale projects, self-performing all cold storage installations. Hansen’s expertise includes remodels and general construction, stretching from door repair to building 100k+ square foot facilities. The team at Hansen Cold Storage Construction is committed to providing the highest quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction at all stages of a project. To find out what makes Hansen the best in the business, call them on 323.846.5676 or contact them online.