Insulated Metal Panels

Structural Insulated Panel Construction Services

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we provide insulated metal wall/roof panels and structural insulated panel construction for cold storage projects, including food processing, general construction, and pharmaceutical storage. Our insulated metal panel services extend to the Los Angeles, California area and the surrounding region.

Insulated Metal Panels – Features and Options

Insulated metal panels consist of lightweight composite roof and exterior wall panels manufactured with metal skins and a foam insulating core. They have exceptional insulating properties, are easy to install with a one pass installation, and have excellent spanning capabilities. They are cost-effective compared to other types of wall assemblies. These panels are also available in various widths, colors, finishes, and profiles, allowing for a customized aesthetic appearance for walls and roofs.



Cold Storage Insulated Panels

When it comes to cold storage facilities, insulated metal panels are considered a highly effective solution. Whether the need involves perishable food storage, processing, distribution, or manufacturing, the insulated metal panel can be designed to function according to your specific thermal performance requirements. These panels are available with high-performance coatings, ribbed and flat shapes, and special joint designs and details to fulfill contamination and hygiene requirements.

For all of your insulated metal panel requirements related to cold storage applications, our team at Hansen Cold Storage Construction has you covered.

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