Freezer Warehouse Construction

Freezer Warehouse Construction Services

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we are your premier source for freezer warehouse and freezer room design and construction services. We have your freezer storage requirements covered in the greater Los Angeles, California area and surrounding region.

Freezer Room Design and Construction

There are various challenges associated with the design of cold storage refrigerated rooms and warehouses. Freezers and coolers consume a greater amount of energy than standard warehouse buildings. Energy-efficient design and construction is required for freezer warehouses and rooms in order to minimize operating costs.



Heaving is a potential problem for freezer floor slabs when the ground below the slab freezes due to improper design. We provide highly effective commercial freezer floor construction that involves proper floor insulation and energy-efficient heating to prevent floor heaving. The floor layout configuration we provide is essential to efficient freezer room and floor operation.

Our Resources and Experience

The process we employ in freezer warehouse construction integrates our capabilities for the completion of your project in a seamless fashion. With our resources and experience, we can help create a cost-effective freezer room or warehouse solution that is highly energy-efficient and helps you achieve all of your cold storage goals.

From planning, to design, to construction, we have your freezer room and warehouse requirements covered at Hansen Cold Storage Construction.

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