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Cold Storage Builders with Credentials

If you’re looking for cold storage solutions, you want a company you can trust. That’s why you need cold storage builders with a proven track record, experience in the industry, and top quality credentials.

Hansen Cold Storage Construction has been in the cold storage business for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve built everything from breweries to distribution centers to grow rooms. Need start to finish construction of a 200k + square foot building? We’ve done that. Have a broken door that needs fixing? We’ve done that, too.

Since we started our family-run business in 1989, Hansen Cold has led cold storage construction projects across the United States, Fiji, Samoa, and Panama. And of course, we’re the premier cold storage builders right here in California, which is the biggest user of cold storage in the country.

But don’t just ask us — how about the L.A. Times, which published an article highlighting our Lineage Logistics warehouse project, featuring over 80,000 square feet of cold storage? Or The Sun, which wrote about the 200,000 square foot facility we built for Home Chef, one of the country’s biggest meal kit delivery companies?

In fact, Hansen has received both local and nationwide media coverage for our history-making cold storage construction projects. We were featured in Forbes, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, and PR Newswire for our work building state-of-the-art cold storage in California for Paramount Pictures. That facility was the first commercial film vault of its kind, and set a new standard for film storage.

You might have even seen some of our work for yourself. If you’ve ever driven along the I-99 freeway, you may have looked out the window to see a giant box of Wonderful Citrus Halos. That 80-foot high landmark is their cold storage warehouse in Delano, California that made local headlines for its eye-catching design.

Hansen Cold Storage Construction’s unique expertise in our field has made us the go-to cold storage builders in California. Just take a look at our projects for more examples of what we can do, or reach out directly to ask us.

If you’re looking for a trusted name in cold storage construction, Hansen is it. Whether you need a large-scale facility like the Whole Foods Distribution Center, an exterior freezer/cooler like Irvine Scientific, rooms with variable temperatures like Sequoia, or a complete renovation of your existing facility like Melissa’s Produce, we can get it done, on time and to the highest standard.

We’ve made a name for ourselves through hard work and results — that’s why we have so many repeat customers. Our reputation as one of the nation’s best cold storage construction companies is hard-earned, and we want to show you why. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, fast-track scheduling, and quality construction. Everything we do is a team effort, and that’s why we value our relationships with our customers so highly.

If you’re in need of brand-new construction, major overhauls, or just some minor repairs and materials, Hansen are the proven cold storage builders you’re looking for, no matter where you’re based. Contact us today online or by calling (323) 846-5767 to discuss your needs and find out what our business can do for yours.