Modular Building Design and Construction Services

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we offer exceptional modular building design and construction capabilities in connection with various cold storage facility requirements. The construction of modular buildings does not carry many of the difficulties associated with standard building construction projects. With modular design and construction you can benefit from improved quality control, faster building times, and lower construction costs, among others. As a trusted provider among modular building construction companies, our modular facility design and construction professionals are able to serve your cold storage construction needs in Los Angeles, California and beyond.

Modular Building Design

During the design phase of your project, we perform many tasks. We discover your design vision and preferences, review existing site conditions, and establish the design, engineering, and construction documentation for your modular building and any associated site work. We have your modular building project covered from start to finish and are able to ensure all of your cold storage construction requirements are carried out with great efficiency and accuracy.


Modular Building Construction

Once we reach the construction phase, you can count on our team to proceed forward with a highly efficient building process. Your modular structure will be constructed with a factory-controlled environment as your building units are shipped and assembled on your site. While all necessary site work is completed, the interior and exterior of your modular building will be finished. Finally, you will be given the keys and ownership of the structure at the completion of the project.

Whether you require the completion of a simple or complex commercial modular building structure for your cold storage requirements, we have covered with a cost-effective, temporary or permanent solution.

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If you are looking for modular construction building contractors for your cold storage requirements, look no further than our team at Hansen Cold Storage Construction in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Call us today at 323.846.5676 or fill out our contact form and send a message.