Froth Pack

DOW Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam

A significant amount of the energy loss in a building is the result of the infiltration of air through cracks and gaps, leading to the development of moisture which serves as an environment for the formation of mildew and mold. Froth-PAK™ is designed to prevent these issues from occurring. At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we offer the Froth-PAK™ spray foam system to help prevent moisture intrusion and air leaks into your home or building in the greater Los Angeles, California area and beyond.



Dow Froth-PAK™ Sealant System

Froth-PAK™ systems are ideal for minimizing drafts and enhancing comfort within a building. This foam sealant is designed to fill up penetrations and gaps larger than 2 inches quickly and cost-effectively, reducing undesirable airflow throughout interior spaces.

Benefits of the DOW Froth-Pak™

Froth-Pak™ produces a more efficient and comfortable environment in a number of different ways. These include:

Energy Efficiency

Buildings utilize less energy with Froth-Pak™ Systems in place, effectively reducing utility expenses.


Occupants of buildings are able to enjoy steadier temperatures and fewer drafts from the outside.


Indoor air quality is enhanced due to a lower number of entry points for dirt, dust, allergens, and critters. Regardless of whether you are working on an existing building or new construction, below or above grade, Froth-Pak™ Systems fight the intrusion of moisture and air for effective sealing and insulation at every level.


Froth-Pak™ Systems reduce moisture and air filtration, helping inhibit decay, rock, and other issues that pose potential harm to a building’s structural integrity.

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