Silicone Rubber Sealant and Butyl Adhesive

At Hansen Cold Storage Construction, we are your premier source for silicone rubber sealant and butyl rubber adhesive products that are applicable for various requirements involving cold storage construction. We have you covered for the sealants and adhesives you need to ensure the watertight and flexible rubber seals for your applications. Our services and products are available to customers in the Los Angeles, California area and beyond.



Silicone Rubber Sealant

The silicone rubber adhesive sealant products we offer are resistant to high temperatures to a greater degree than many other types of rubber sealants. They also possess considerable elasticity that lasts for a longer period of time – and they do not shrink. They are commonly used to seal glass items in addition to their use in other important applications.

Butyl Rubber Adhesive

This rubber adhesive possesses natural tackiness, low permeability, and resistance to aging. It produces a very strong bond and is often used to fill in cracks in concrete, bricks, and metal. Butyl rubber adhesive is also used to bind certain plastics together.

Sealants, after applied, change into solids, enabling them to effectively protect against the penetration of liquids, fire, dust, gas, and smoke through the barrier they develop. These sealants are used in many different industries, including in the cold storage construction industry.

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