What Does Cold Storage Construction Look Like: A Brief Guide

Type of Construction

Cold storage construction can either be purpose-built from scratch or converted using existing warehouse space. The type of construction will depend on a number of factors; for example, if available land is scarce, adapting current warehouse facilities could be more viable than trying to secure new land in a built-up area. Dry warehouse spaces can be converted to freezers, coolers, or cold docks by installing insulated metal panels inside the walls. New cold storage construction has the benefit of being slightly more flexible, and can be built using insulated concrete, insulated metal panels, or some mixture of the two.

Refrigeration and Temperature Control

Cold storage is designed to provide an artificially specialized environment that will maintain the freshness of products and prolong their shelf life. Choosing the right refrigeration system is crucial to ensuring proper temperature control over the life of a project, and to ensuring the overall success of your cold storage facility. Hansen Cold Storage Construction will work with you to identify the correct target temperature, help you select the right equipment and infrastructure for your needs, and understand ongoing factors that will affect the life of the project, including the cost of construction, power, and maintenance.


In addition to the structure type and choice of refrigeration system, one of the major factors affecting the efficiency and success of any cold storage warehouse is the design and layout of the facility. The main considerations when designing cold storage construction are avoiding unused space and heavy traffic, both of which will affect overall temperature maintenance. Indoor access should make use of large anterooms maintained at an intermediate temperature, especially in hot and humid climates like California, while corridor width, door width, and door types should take into consideration the size of forklifts, pallets, and traffic density. Outdoor condensation units should be located in close proximity to evaporators and cold rooms, and outdoor refrigeration units should be easily accessible from outside. With over 30 years’ experience in cold storage construction, Hansen Cold Storage are experts at designing cold storage warehouses in a way that uses all available space efficiently. Hansen will work with you to place cold rooms, corridors, offices, and common areas in a way that maximizes access while minimizing temperature disruption.

Projects and Facilities

Cold storage is used across a wide range of industries — if you need large-scale refrigeration, you need cold storage. In the past 30 years, Hansen Cold Storage has lent its expertise to the design and construction of food processing facilities, cannabis companies, wineries and breweries, supermarkets, and even film vaults. Hansen can provide everything from minor repairs to major overhauls and new construction, and the company prides itself on paying attention to detail and working closely in partnership with businesses to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Based in California, Hansen Cold Storage works with companies across the country and internationally to build food processing rooms, coolers, freezers, grow rooms, distribution centers, pharmaceutical storage, meat processing facilities, and general construction using non-proprietary design, and will work with you from beginning to end to develop a project that will fully meet your need and requirements.